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One with the 96 Run

On the morning of Saturday April 15th 1989, thousands of Liverpool fans set off for an FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough, the home of Sheffield Wednesday FC. Ninety-six Liverpool fans lost their lives that day and many hundreds of others were badly injured. For Liverpool fans, the number ‘96’ is etched in the collective memory alongside other numbers such as ‘5’ and ‘18’. The ‘96’ have become an intrinsic part of Liverpool Football Club.

From April 13 to 15, six Liverpool fans will run the 76 miles from Sheffield’s Leppings Lane to Anfield to raise funds for the 96 victims of the tragedy where accountability still has to be established to this day.

On the same day that the six LFC fans set out for the final leg to Anfield, Liverpool Football Club KOPinoys will walk/jog/run 15k (9+6=15 or 9.3 miles) to show support for their English brethren at the University of the Philippines. One lap around the Sunken Garden is 2.2K so a total of seven laps is just about right.

There will be no fees. Just wear your LFC colors and join the run. We will take pictures before, during, and after the run that we will send to the Hillsborough-Anfield Run and LFC Facebook sites not to mention our own.

Meeting time this Sunday, April 15, is at 6am outside the College of Business Administration. You might have to park in the nearby streets as Osmeña and Roxas Avenues are closed on Sundays to vehicular traffic to give way to runners. Our run begins at 6:15. Bring some water bottles.

See you there!

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12 responses to “One with the 96 Run

  1. i hope i can finish at least a lap! hahaha

  2. Yana

    Gutted that I won’t be able to join. >.>
    I will be walking/running in spirit. YNWA.

  3. Ben Lee

    I’m going to join this run even though I don’t know any of you guys. =)

  4. A fitting tribute guys.. Mabuhay and YNWA

  5. Kerry ⋅

    Good luck and thx …..

  6. seriously, I WANT TO GO. why didn’t you have this last year when i was taking summer classes at the University? it would’ve been a nice opportunity to meet fellow Filipino LFC supporters. this sucks. even though i can barely finish two laps. oh well. [you didn’t do this last year, right?]

    • We didn’t do this last year, because we weren’t organized yet at that time, but we’re definitely working on getting an organized group of Pinoy LFC supporters, so do keep in touch with us. YNWA.

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