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Walking with the 96.

Every Liverpool supporter has April 15 etched in memory. On that fateful day in 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters went to catch the FA Cup semifinal tie between their beloved club and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough Stadium. None of those 96 returned to their loved ones.

Over two decades since the incident, justice remains to be served, and the memory of the 96 is kept alive in various ways–including a solidarity walk/run by the KOPinoys. This tragedy has become part and parcel of the culture and tradition of Liverpool Football Club, and in many ways, gives us reason to fully understand what it means to never walk alone.

Justice for the 96. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

P.S. We got a shoutout from the guys at the Hillsborough-Anfield Run!


2 responses to “Walking with the 96.

  1. jun ⋅

    any place to meet to watch the FA Cup final?

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